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GenieGrips® forklift safety products are high quality, durable, products for forklifts that provide safe, secure and stable movement of loads.

We understand the importance of forklift safety in the workplace.

To help minimise the risk of forklift loads slipping off tynes or becoming unstable during transport, our team of specialists developed the GenieGrips® range of products. We know first hand that using GenieGrips® provides a safe, secure and efficient way to move forklift loads, minimising the risk of damage to your product and injury to your people.

For peace of mind in forklift safety you can trust GenieGrips® – Louise Inglese – Founder

Industry statistics

Forklifts are ideal for efficiently moving goods throughout a warehouse, factory or shipping yard, however, significant safety issues can be posed by their misuse. Items may slip off the tynes spilling or damaging product, finished products and packaging can be scratched or torn by bare metal tynes, IBCs may get punctured or damaged by unprotected forklift tynes. When chemicals, lubricants or other hazardous substances are spilled this can be particularly dangerous.

These accidents cost time and money and may potentially result in injury.


Work Place Fatalities Caused By Tipping Or Falling Forklift Loads (2017)

Billion is the estimated value of lost or damaged product (2017)

Average cost of a workplace injury (2013)


Of worker fatalities were machinery operators and drivers (2018)

That is why we developed the GenieGrips® Range!

* Statistics: Worksafe Australia, Joint Industry Unsaleables Leadership Team

“Since using GenieGrips® we have virtually eliminated damage to our product from slipping or falling off forklift tynes during transport.

This has saved us both time and money from reworking damaged product.

Chris Dellios
Plant Manager GB Galvanising

GenieGrips® Range

GenieGrips® Products are designed for all industry sectors, forklifts wholesalers, aftermarket sales, and any other business involving materials handling. They offer unbeatable performance and exceptional longevity.


GenieGrips® take only a few seconds to secure or remove due to the well-designed heel hook and toe cap attachments.


They are available in various lengths and widths, and are suitable for all fork tynes, large or small.


For ultimate Forklift safety and protection of goods and tynes GenieGrips® is the perfect choice. See: specifications and care


GenieGrips® Mats are manufactured from bright yellow, compound rubber that features a patented anti-slip tread, providing exceptional grip and stability. This material is oil resistant, non-marking, and can withstand temperatures between -40˚C to 110 ˚C.


GenieGrips® Caps are constructed of bright, high-visibility yellow compound rubber bonded to a reinforced steel frame, making them easy to see during the day or night to ensuring safety at all times. See: specifications and care


The GenieGrips® Cushions are manufactured from a shock absorbent, durable yellow rubber compound which are extremely easy to fit using 3 powerful magnets securing them on the forklift tyne carriage.

Loading Mirrors

GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors are forward view mirror system designed for forklifts. It allows drivers to see around the load and sight the tynes. They significantly reduce damage to goods and infrastructure while improving operational efficiency and safety.

GenieGrips® Key Features


Prevents loads slipping


Reduce damage to goods


Protects forklift tyne surface


Anti-slip surface


Can be used -40˚C to +110˚C


Non marking high durable rubber compound


Oil resistant rubber compound


Easy to fit and removed


Sight tynes, see around the load


Easy to store


Reduce driver strain/injuries


Easy to see

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