Regular maintenance forklift schedules and additional safety accessories can improve safety within the workspace or warehouse. Just as important as these is a safe forklift driver – one of the best defenses against on-the-job accidents. With proper training, a sober judgement and a common sense work practice, a well-qualified forklift operator will keep everyone alive and injury free.

However workplace accidents can still occur. And that’s why having additional safety accessories can help lower the rate of accidents.

Below are some extra forklift safety accessories that you may consider when operating a forklift.

10 Forklift Accessories To Improve Workplace Safety

1. Seatbelts

You know that car seat belts save lives. This goes the same with forklift seat belts. Without any proper restraints caused by a sudden forklift movement, the driver can be catapulted out of the cabin.

2. Backup Alarms

Every large vehicle or any large piece of moving equipment should have a backup alarm installed. This is a standard safety precaution. Ensure your forklift’s backup alarm is in working order.

3. Advanced Warning Systems

If the warehouse or workplace has regular foot traffic, you can install advanced warning systems to alert pedestrians that there is forklift activity underway.

4. Guidance Lasers

Tight spaces and narrow aisles are challenging to drivers because it’s hard to manoeuvre a forklift in them. Installing guidance lasers to the forklift can make it easier for operators and drivers in driving the truck without facing any collision.

5. Blue Lights

If there’s too much noise and traffic in the warehouse, people may not be always aware that a forklift is in operation. Blue light aimed at the floor illuminates a space several metres to the front and the back of the forklift. Anyone will surely see the blue light and know that a forklift is approaching.

6. Illuminated Signs

It’s hard to miss highly visible illuminated signs – which are perfectly suited for forklift zones. Any foot-worker who are busy performing tasks in noisy areas, will use these lighted signs as visual aids to avoid forklift zones.

7. Strobe Lights

Strobe lights are placed at eye-level where everyone could see it. Strobe lights are a universal sign that people should be alert. Strobe light also indicates that a heavy or big equipment is moving.

8. Blind Spot Cameras

Big forklift trucks may have odd dimensions which can make manoeuvring hard and dangerous since there will be many blind spots. Installing specialised camera solutions can eliminate blind spots when operating the forklift. This may not be a major concern among experienced drivers, but  it raises the safety and manoeuvrability of the vehicle.

9. Forklift Rubber Mats, Caps and Cushions

Forklift tyne rubber attachments add safety and protection by adding grip and stability to fork tynes when lifting or transferring heavy objects around the warehouse or workplace.

Mats – specifically designed for exceptional grip and load stability.

Caps – constructed using bright, high-visibility yellow compound that is bonded to a reinforced steel frame, making them highly visible day or night, ensuring safety at all times.

Cushions –  function as bumpers that uses magnets to stick to the forklift tyne carriage.

10. Reflective Vests

In addition to other visual and sound aids, reflective vests or clothing are standard for personnel working in a warehouse or workplace where there’s heavy pedestrian traffic and heavy equipment moving around.

Being aware and having respect for heavy equipment and working machines are important for everyone’s safety. Keep the right tools and safety equipment close by. Assign a licensed safety employee to monitor safety procedures in all equipment and other machineries. Doing this will prevent the business from paying fines, causing any serious accidents, injuries and deaths within the workplace.