You can never be too safe in the workplace. And while safety is a top priority among many job positions, it is of the utmost importance for those who drive forklifts. Being safe on a forklift helps decrease the risk of liabilities and it also enhances the safety of employees who are in close contact with the materials being handled. Fortunately, there are several accessories that can be used to boost forklift safety.

Here is a quick look at four safety accessories all forklifts should be taking advantage of. And while an initial investment must be made to purchase and attach the accessories, the long-term benefits can be of the utmost value.

4 Key Safety Accessories for Forklifts

1. Spill Kits

Essential to any type of material handling operation, spill kits have a specific purpose of tackling a variety of complications accompanied with handling hazardous materials. When using a spill kit, forklift drivers will be provided an array of tools that can prevent and mitigate hazards. And even if a spill was to take place, a spill kit helps quell the spills as well as help contain any contamination that has taken place.

Furthermore, spill kits can be used for much more than handling hazardous materials. Many forklift drivers use them to tackle challenges with the forklift itself. Take for example if the forklift has a battery acid leak. The spill kit can be used to help contain the problem.

2. Blue Strobe Lights

When it comes to safety lighting technology, you can’t go wrong with blue strobe lights. Every forklift needs them, and when investing in them, it is ideal to purchase ones that contain blue LED lights as this type of lighting tends to be much more brilliant than regular lighting.

There are a variety of emergency situations in which blue strobe lights can be of assistance. For example, if a forklift has turned over on its side during a power outage, the blue strobe lights can signal to emergency personnel where the forklift has rolled over, allowing the emergency workers to quickly make their way over and assist the driver or anyone else who might have been injured.

Having blue strobe lights on a forklift is also advantageous because they clearly signal to passersby that the forklift is in motion; this increases the forklift visibility and helps prevent accidents. Best of all, blue strobe lights can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings as well as in hazardous weather conditions, like snow and fog.

3. Suspension Chair

Injuries are quite common on forklifts, however, there are accessories that can be attached to help mitigate injury and accidents. When these issues are mitigated, it helps to reduce downtime, which in return boosts productivity. One type of accessory that can be used to make noticeable improvements in worker productivity is a suspension chair.

As forklift drivers spend hours on end operating this type of machinery, it can put a lot of strain and muscle tension on their backs. With a suspension chair, however, this helps alleviate back issues and other ailments that go along with operating a forklift for an extended period of time. With a reduced number of physical ailments comes a reduced number of compensation claims as well as greater worker efficiency; all of this translates into higher levels of productivity.

4. Fork Protectors

To help prevent the sliding of materials being handled, fork protectors like GenieGrips will secure the materials in place while they are being transported from one point to another. There are a variety of products that can be used to help prevent slippage, including forklift load protectors, anti-slip mats, rubber fork protectors and more. GenieGrips provide the following advantages:

  • Exceptional grip
  • Increased efficiency
  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-stain
  • Resistant to oil
  • Materials remain in place while being transported.

The Takeaway

If you are interested in boosting the safety of your forklift operations, it is essential that you take into consideration the various accessories and attachments that can be used. Not only can these accessories help enhance the safety of your operations but they can also lead to increased productivity, which can increase your profit margins.

So, even if you are leery of making the initial investment for these accessories, do keep in mind that the investment made will prove to be of the utmost value, both in terms of productivity and safety benefits.