,GenieGrips® is an Australian owned family business, dedicated to providing effective forklift safety products to Australia and the world.

We understand that safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance, particularly when a forklift is involved. That’s why we have designed a range of safety products to prevent the risk of damage and injury occurring within the workplace. Our rubber products, that fit onto forklift tynes to prevent accidents, right through to our loading mirrors, allowing drivers better vision, we provide solutions that are effective, affordable, and innovative.

“We understand the importance of forklift safety in the workplace.

To help minimise the risk of forklift loads slipping off tynes or becoming unstable during transport, our team of specialists developed GenieGrips® Mats, Caps, Pads, Cushions, and Loading Mirrors.”   

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Australian Designed and Manufactured Products

When you buy a product from GenieGrips®, you can be assured you’re buying an Australian product that’s been both designed and manufactured in the country, supporting our local industry and protecting local jobs. By manufacturing within Australia, we’re also able to oversee the process closely and have more control over the final product, ensuring the very best quality. As a local family owned business, we also understand the intricacies of workplace safety in this country, allowing us to provide adequate solutions to businesses.

Manufactured to Strict Standards

All products in the GenieGrips® range are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, guaranteeing superb quality management. We also strive for continual improvement, ensuring you can rely on the quality of all products. We use only the highest quality materials during construction, including anti-slip compound rubber that’s oil resistant, non-marking, and heat safe up to 110 ˚C.

International Distribution

GenieGrips® are also available overseas with a international distribution network covering a wide range of countries. It’s our goal to keep the workplace safe, worldwide!

Forklift Safety Equipment


Leaders in Forklift Safety Equipment

Forklifts of various sizes have become ubiquitous wherever loads beyond a few kilograms are moved from trucks to warehouses and vice versa. The major manufacturers of forklifts go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their products, but forklifts remain a dangerous machine, especially when considering operator error. Additional forklift safety equipment should be standard, and our innovative products contribute to lowering the chances of accidents.

How to maintain forklift

Manufactured in Australia

GenieGrips® forklift safety devices and accessories are manufactured in Australia, using only the highest quality materials. A significant benefit of local manufacturing is that we are required to test our own products against the (necessary) stringent occupational safety requirements set by Government – call it real-time product testing.

All our forklift safety equipment is manufactured according to the strict ISO 9004 standard, using excellent compound rubber and other responsibly sourced materials. Our products can also be made to meet food-grade standards, should it be a requirement.

About GenieGrips®


We are a family-owned business located in Dandenong South, Victoria, with an extensive international distribution network. Our sales staff are passionate about supporting GenieGrips® forklift safety devices and accessories through extensive customer queries and assistance with product selection.

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