GenieGrips® CAPS

GenieGrips® Caps drastically reduce damage to product, packaging, property and improve personal safety in the workplace and also improve environmental sustainability figures.


GenieGrips® Caps provide the perfect solution when moving products that can be being torn, punctured or damaged by forklift tynes during transit. Note IBC


GenieGrips® Caps are purposely designed to prevent puncturing or tearing of product.


GenieGrips® Caps are easy to fit and remove and do not require screws, bolts, or adhesive.


GenieGrips® Caps are constructed from a high durable compound rubber that is incredibly strong, non-marking, oil and chemical resistant.


GenieGrips® Caps have a steel frame bonded to the rubber for maximum adhesion.



GenieGrips® Caps are constructed of bright, high-visibility yellow compound rubber bonded to a reinforced steel frame, making them easy to see during the day or night to ensuring safety at all times


100mm wide

125mm wide

How To Fit and Maintain

Forklift Caps

GenieGrips® understands the importance of keeping your property, machinery and goods safe from preventable accidents. Our forklift caps provide a wider surface area, helping avoid tears or breaks when transporting goods. Made from durable, non-marking compound rubber, our tyne caps offer a more secure way of moving goods and the reassurance that you won’t have to clean up spills or messes.

Some benefits of our forklift caps include:

  • Simple installation and replacement. When installing our caps, you do not require adhesives or permanent fixtures such as screws or bolts. This allows for easy installations or replacements so that your supply chain doesn’t have to cease operations.
  • Improvement of workplace safety. By keeping your products and goods secure with the larger tyne surface area, you can avoid accidents that might cause damage to your products and injure staff members.
  • Decrease in waste or product loss. Specifically made to decrease product waste in the form of tears or punctures, we can help you limit your business’ product loss.

Why Work With Us?

At GenieGrips®, we design our products with convenience in mind so that our clients can remain active and profitable. Even though we, as a local Aussie business, believe in producing our products with the highest standard possible, we keep our products affordable.

Instead of risking product loss due to tears or punctures, secure your goods with our tyne cap solution.

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