GenieGrips® are ideal for preventing punctures, tearing or damage to merchandise during lifting and moving.

GenieGrips® Mats and Caps cover the tip of each tyne, providing a soft surface that won’t puncture or tear products as they’re lifted. They are ideal for transporting IBCs and prevent both puncture to the IBC and stop the IBC from sliding off bare metal tynes in sudden stops.

GenieGrips® are easy to fit and remove and minimise instances of damage to products as well as to the forklift itself.

Hans Casperzs
Health and Safety Representative – PPG Industries Clayton

CASE STUDY : PPG Industries Australia

PPG is a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, specialty materials, glass and fiberglass.

Through leadership in innovation, sustainability and color, PPG helps customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets to enhance more surfaces in more ways than any other company.

Their manufacturing, research and development facility in Victoria, Australia, produces automotive refinish, industrial coatings, packaging coatings, protective and marine coatings.

The Problem

Safety risk from hazardous goods sliding off tynes or puncturing of containers.

PPG’s facility supplies industrial, packaging, protective and marine coating to customers across Australia. These coatings are typically contained in metal and plastic drums and IBCs. Due to the large amount of products being moved throughout the facility, these drums and IBCs were occasionally slipping off forklift tynes or being punctured by forklift tynes.

Spills of this nature were causing PPG loss of product and time and money to clean up the spills. In some cases, due to the toxic or hazardous nature of the coatings, the spill location would have to be quarantined until the location was completely cleaned and the hazardous material removed.

It was recognised by PPG’s management team that employees were also being exposed to potential harm from these spills.

The Solution

GenieGrips® Mats offer superior grip.

PPG Industries in Clayton now use GenieGrips® Mats on their forklift tynes. The mats’ compound rubber patterned surface provides over six times more grip than metal tynes. The square rubber tips of the GenieGrips® Mats protect against tynes puncturing the drums and IBCs containing PPGs coatings. This has eliminated spills and punctures of drums and IBCs from forklift tynes.

PPG are planning to roll out GenieGrips® Mats across all of their facilities in Australia and subsequently internationally.

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