GenieGrips® CUSHIONS

GenieGrips® Cushions are a protective barrier between the load and the
forklift tyne shank, an effective solution reducing damage, noise and impact.


GenieGrips® Cushions elimiate friction and absorb impact of goods that occur during, lifting, loading and placing of loads.


GenieGrips® Cushions prevent loss/damage to products from exposed bare metal tynes.


GenieGrips® Cushions function as a bumper that magnetize to the forklift tyne shank.


GenieGrips® Cushions are extremely easy to fit, with powerful magnets to secure them to the tyne shank.


GenieGrips® Cushions are a simple solution, with no screws, bolts, adhesives or tools required.


GenieGrips® Cushions are designed to be paired with GenieGrips® Mats, Caps or Stik-It Pads to provide full forktyne protection.

bumper pads



GenieGrips® Cushions are available in a range of common lengths and widths to fit most fork tynes.


100mm Wide: height of 450mm or 550mm
125mm Wide: height of 450mm, 550mm, 650mm or 750mm
150mm Wide: height of 550mm, 650mm, 750mm or 900mm

Forklift Cushions & Mats

As beneficial as forklifts are, operating these big machines has many dangers. According to statistics, in 2017, 28.5 percent of all workplace fatalities were caused by tipping or falling forklift loads. For this reason, we have designed many GenieGrips® products to help you operate your forklift safely.

Our products include GenieGrips® mirrors, caps, bumper pads, as well as forklift cushions & mats. All these forklift safety accessories ensure that your forklift can carry heavy loads without slipping or damaging delicate products.

Some of our product features include:

  • Patented anti-slip surfaces prevent loads from slipping
  • High-durable, oil-resistant rubber compound, withstanding temperatures from -40 to 110 degrees Celsius.
  • Easy to fit onto forklift tynes, and easy to remove and store
  • Brightly coloured for safety and ease of sight.

Continue reading to find out more about each of our products.

Forklift Covers

More About Our Forklift Safety Products

Our GenieGrips® line of products has transformed the way many people use forklifts in Australia and worldwide. Below are some of our products:

  • GenieGrips® Cushions: These use strong magnets to attach the durable yellow cushions to the forklift tyne uprights, helping to absorb the impact of heavy items against the frame of the forklift.
  • GenieGrips® Mats: The mats, similarly, are strong, anti-slip yellow coverings for the forklift tynes, and these prevent loads from falling or being damaged when being picked up or transported.
  • GenieGrips® Stik-It Pads: These are used for a similar purpose as mats but are a self-adhesive solution that you can cut to the specific size of your tynes to protect both the forklift and the products from damage. These forklift bumper pads also include our patented anti-slip tread so you can work safely.

Why Us?


We have a passion for seeing forklifts used safely, and to this end, our GenieGrips® product line transforms your dangerous machine into a controlled worker. Get a grip with us at GenieGrips® and increase your workplace safety today.

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