Safe Work Month

October is “Safe Work” month; this month-long event is designed to boost awareness of the key safety issues that plague Australian companies and workplaces and to keep employees safe at work. From forklift accidents to slips and falls and even improper training, employees are at risk in a variety of ways. There are almost 15,000 injuries serious enough for worker’s compensation in the manufacturing industry alone each year:

Manufacturing safety statistics

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GenieGrips research shows that 28% of all workplace fatalities each year are caused by forklift accidents; forklifts can be present in any industry and because of their size and capabilities can cause disastrous damage in a single accident. In addition to the devastating human toll, over $2 billion in product damage is caused each year as well, usually when forklift loads shift, slide or fall off their tynes.

Careful review of the most common types of accidents in the warehouse can help you boost awareness and safety for everyone in the workplace.

Avoiding Forklift Accidents and Damage at Work


Keep floors clean and clear of debris: The cleaner and less obstructed your floors are, the better. Spills, packaging and other items create hazards for those on foot and can cause those operating forklifts to deviate from typical paths, creating an additional hazard for nearby team members or the operator. If the operator has to stop quickly and you are not using GenieGrips, the load could shift or fall, posing a hazard to all in the forklift’s path.


Train all employees, not just drivers: All employees should be aware that forklifts are in use in your warehouse and loading areas. While the people who work directly in the warehouse will be used to seeing your forklifts and other equipment run and know what to watch for, office and other workers may not. Make sure everyone knows that your warehouse and shipping areas are active work zones with big equipment in use and that they have the skills they need to safely navigate these environments.


Outfit forklifts with the right tools: Use GenieGrips to prevent the most common cause of forklift injuries and accidents – dropped items. When the heavy weight pieces your operator is moving slip, dip or slide, they are more likely to fall, placing everyone in the area at risk. Genie grips are high quality, durable, steel reinforced rubber Mats, Caps and Cushions designed specifically for forklift tynes to provide added stability and to prevent the load from shifting or falling.

“2 years ago, we purchased 3 pairs of GenieGrips and they have been fantastic at our Precast Concrete yard, they have greatly reduced the damage caused by the steel forklift tines chipping the outer edges of the product during handling.” — Aaron Ford – Precast Manager – ASQ Precast Concrete 6th January 2017


Workplace Safety Month

Prevent slippage: Loads that can shift or slide can easily reach a tipping point – and then gravity takes over, resulting in property damage and an increased risk of employee injury. GenieGrips are uniquely designed to combat this specific issue and to promote workplace safety. This innovative product reduces the risk that your load will slip off the tynes and prevents the load from becoming unstable as it moves.

“We have been using GenieGrips® for just over a year now. We use them to prevent our CHEP PB7 bins falling off the Tynes when we move them around in the freezer. They work very well for us, and when used, result in a zero-failure rate (i.e. no bins have been dropped and we move hundreds a day). “–Adam Maxwell – Logistics Manager – Botanical Food Company Pty Ltd 15th September 2017

Simple changes to your equipment that promote stability and safety and increased awareness of risk can help your team avoid accidents during Safe Work month and year-round.

Contact us to learn more about GenieGrips and for more ways to reduce risk and keep your team safe in the workplace. We’re committed to reducing and eventually eliminating the number of forklift related accidents in Australia each year.