GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors for forklifts eliminate critical blind spots in the
drivers vision and give a clear view of the tynes, reducing accidents, injury
and damage to goods.


GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors remove guesswork from loading and unloading, even when high stacking and block stacking.


GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors reduce the prevalence of load damage due to tyne misalignment/puncturing


GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors reduce driver and vehicle movement by increasing forward perspective


GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors reduce costs for neck and back injuries, associated with driving backwards/twisting



  • For use in confined spaces
  • Fits within forklift footprint
  • Sight tynes, with compressed forward view
  • Suitable for forklifts 1 to 2 tons


  • For use in open areas with high traffic
  • May extend beyond forklift footprint
  • Sight tynes, with panoramic forward view
  • Suitable for forklifts of 2.5 to 12 tons

GenieGrips® Loading Mirror Forklift Vision.
Expand your horizons.

The GenieGrips® Loading Mirror is a revolutionary new product for the materials handling industry. This mirror based system for small to medium forklifts allows drivers to see around the load and sight the tynes. Its use significantly reduces damage to goods and infrastructure while improving operational efficiency and safety.

Why GenieGrips® Loading Mirror?

GenieGrips® Loading Mirror is a clever and cost-effective cost solution that saves time and money by improving productivity and safety. GenieGrips® Loading Mirror is good business for all materials handling environments, from small warehouses to large factories and everything in between.

Using GenieGrips® Loading Mirror is intuitive, much like rear vision wing mirrors on everyday cars. Unlike other products, GenieGrips® Loading Mirror is always “on” and provides a real-time, real-light field of view.

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How To Fit and Maintain

Forklift Loading Mirrors

Your company’s handling of stock and materials holds many potential risks, including stock damage and personal injury. Visibility is and has always been an issue for forklift operators. It is simply impossible to see all the angles, and forklift drivers often have to twist their bodies and necks at weird angles to operate their machines while loading and offloading stock safely. Much of this inconvenience and danger can be eliminated with the installation of GenieGrips® forklift loading mirrors.

We manufacture a wide range of forklift safety products to fit all popular makes of forklifts. Our mirrors make using a forklift for materials and stock handling easy, removing the guesswork by facilitating much-increased visibility for the forklift operator.

Benefits of GenieGrips® Forklift Mirrors
Expand your horizons.

Our range of loading mirrors holds numerous benefits for forklift operators and businesses, including making the loading and unloading of stock and materials safer.

  • GenieGrips® forklift mirrors are entirely adjustable, allowing for clear, unrestricted visibility, even when stacking, thereby largely eliminating stock damage due to misalignment.
  • Increased visibility helps to reduce the amount of manoeuvring required by the operator and the forklift.
  • GenieGrips® forklift mirrors eliminate neck and back injury consistent with driving backward and twisting the body and neck to see clearly.

Ensure a safe and efficient working environment for your forklift operators with our range of loading mirrors for forklifts.

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