Forklifts are the primary tools used to move goods around a warehouse or to transport for distribution. They are useful in every industry and are the key to warehouse efficiency.

Ineffective use of forklifts in the warehouse will waste time and money for the company. It may also cost delays causing a domino effect that leads to dissatisfaction across the entire sales pipeline.

Forklifts are often used in the food industry, specifically in warehouses that handle frozen goods or low temperature working environments. Frozen goods can include large pieces of meat, large pieces of seafood or crates or boxes of other frozen goods from around the world. Handling frozen goods is not as dangerous as handling chemicals, but still, it poses a danger to any personnel who mishandles it.

Frozen goods can be as hard as concrete and can cause serious injuries or death if misused. Accidents can happen in a warehouse while transporting goods, either caused by a faulty forklift, human error or product slippage.

According to SafeWork Australia statistics:

  • 3,414 workers have died from 2003 to 2016 from forklift accidents
  • 39% of fatalities are due to vehicle collisions.

According to statistics from Workplace Victoria:

  • 28.5% of workplace deaths are caused by tipping or falling forklift loads
  • 34% of fatalities were drivers and machine operators
  • $2 billion is lost due to damaged products and employee compensation
  • $116,000 is the average compensation amount for a workplace injury.

What can be done to minimise dangerous situations? Start with:

  • regular forklift maintenance,
  • the right training and strict and
  • accessible warehouse safety protocols.

A warehouse that uses forklifts can further enhance machine safety by installing forklift tyne safety accessories.

GenieGrips Fork Tyne Safety Accessories

GenieGrips offers forklift safety solutions that can be installed easily and adds another layer of safety in the warehouse.

We manufacture high quality, durable, steel reinforced rubber mats, caps and cushions that provide for more stable and secure movement of loads.

Safety In Frozen Work Environments

GenieGrips safety tyne accessories are well suited for frozen and refrigerated environments because:

  • the food grade rubber* and steel-reinforced attachments can withstand temperatures reaching -40 Celsius and -40 Fahrenheit (perfect for use in extreme weather conditions)
  • the stainless steel hinges, cap plates and hooks to meet food industry requirements
  • our patented rubber mats, caps and cushions will prevent frozen pallets from shifting or slipping off the forklift tynes during transport.

GenieGrips™ Mats, Caps and Cushions are ideal for frozen and refrigerated environments.
The products maintain their integrity to temperatures of -40°C (-40°F)

* GenieGrips™ Mats, Caps and Cushions can be made of food grade rubber with stainless steel hinges, cap plates and hooks to meet food industry requirements. Please contact us should you be interested in our food grade certified products.

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