Industrial forklifts are designed to handle all types of materials and loads. Forklifts are constructed to be compact to fit all types of roads and warehouses and manoeuvrable enough for many flat terrains. Still, a forklift can be unstable in certain situations. For a warehouse and distribution centre, any delays in the supply chain are a big loss of money and time. Factors such as terrain, pedestrian traffic, forklift speed, driver skills and others can affect workplace safety.

Naked metal forklift tynes are good and stable by themselves, but with continued use, the metal tyne surface will become smooth and slippery. Sudden braking and a sloping or an uneven surface can cause loads to slip off the tynes and result in damage to property, product and people.

According to Safe Work Australia statistics:

  • 3,414 workers have died from 2003 to 2016
  • 39% of fatalities are due to vehicle collisions.

According to a report from WorkSafe Australia

worksafe australia

The friction between the metal tynes and metal cargo can result in costly deep scratches, dints and dents. Any punctures or deformations can be prevented if there’s a protective accessory installed on the forklift tynes.

How Can GenieGrips Help?

GenieGrips manufactures high quality, durable, steel reinforced rubber Mats, Caps and Cushions that provide safe, secure and stable movement of different kinds of loads and workplace conditions.
The mat is oil resistant, does not leave any marks and can withstand extreme temperatures from -40C up to 110C.

The GenieGrips Mat is suitable for preventing load instability and promotes safety in many warehouses. The mats are made from bright yellow, compound rubber that features an anti-slip tread which provides maximum grip and load stability.

Geniegrips Mats can fit a range of forklift sizes for different forklift models. The company can also do custom sizing to meet your specific needs.

GenieGrips Can Prevent Costly Damage To Metal or Plastic Products

Let’s take a look at issues GB Galvanizing faced when transporting their metal products. The company specializes in galvanized structural and general steel works in different shapes and sizes. As expected, they move their products around different locations within their facilities using forklifts.

GB Galvanizing were experiencing costly damage to their products when they fell or slipped off forklift tynes. Their products needed reworking and there was a potential for injury to their workers.

To resolve these problems, GB Galvanizing started using GenieGrips Mats on all of their forklifts. The mats are suitable for preventing load slippage and promotes safety in many warehouses and supply chains.
The protective rubber mats, with their patterned surface, provided the grip needed to prevent the galvanized metal products from slipping and protect the galvanized finish from deep scratches or dents.

GenieGrips mats are made from a bright yellow, compound rubber that features an anti-slip tread which provides maximum grip and load stability.

Save your people, time and money from costly damages by investing in GenieGrips Mats.

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