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When it comes to forklift training, there is a major difference between telling someone and showing them how to safely operate this type of machinery. Training for forklift safety gets better results when it involves both in-class lectures as well as hands-on training. Effective forklift  training then allows operators to perform their functions productively, and essentially improves your bottom line and operational processes. Here’s how.

Forklift Statistics

Before we dive deep into the importance of forklift safety training, let’s first take a look at forklift operation statistics:

  • There are nearly 85 forklift deaths each year
  • 34,900 injuries each year caused by forklift-related accidents
  • Most common type of forklift accident is the overturning of the machinery.

Importance of Safety Training On Forklifts

To operate a forklift, a driver will need to have proper certification. In fact, some business insurance companies will mandate that heavy machinery operators have proper certification or claims will not be paid out. When your forklift operators have proper certification, this can simplify inspections as well as help you rest assured that maintenance is well-maintained on your forklifts. Those with certification will be able to recognise maintenance issues as soon as they occur rather than later on down the road when they become much more costly to fix.

Forklift safety training will also lead to advantageous results because it can improve a company’s overall operations. Those who are well-trained to operate forklifts will be performing their duties in a much more timely fashion than those who don’t have proper training. Along with improved productivity comes enhanced morale and efficiency. All of this improves a company’s bottom line and helps ensure operational processes are carried out smoothly.

Your workers want to know that they are cared for, and there is no better way to do this than by showing them you care for their safety. Even workers who are not operating forklifts will benefit from drivers going through forklift operation training. The safer your drivers are, the safer everyone else in the warehouse will be. As a result of showing you care for your workers, this can further boost morale and productivity levels.

Another benefit of forklift safety training is that drivers can learn how to use the many attachments that are available. These attachments will not only make forklift operations easier and more efficient, but they can also improve safety. If accessories are not attached properly to a forklift, though, this can lead to serious injury or death. With proper training, however, forklift operators will learn how to attach, use, and detach attachments according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How often should forklift training take place?

All drivers who have never received forklift training should go through the appropriate classes to receive certification. You need to check with your insurance company to see if ongoing forklift training should be put in place for drivers who are already certified. Some insurance companies and regulatory laws will mandate that ongoing training is necessary, such as getting re-certified once a year. Regardless of insurance and regulatory requirements, forklift training should be provided for each new accessory that drivers will be using. You want to make sure that all drivers are well-trained in being able to use all attachments and accessories.

Invest in Forklift Training & Reduce Accidents

When forklift operators are stressed, this can lead to more accidents. Fortunately, though, safety training can reduce stress and teach operators how to be familiar with operating this type of heavy machinery. The better they understand how to operate a forklift, the more likely they will be to avoid accidents.