Last week we were lucky enough to join more than over 55,000 industry professionals and over 1,500 international exhibitors from around the world at the LogiMAT International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management.

Worldwide exhibitors and decision-makers from the industry, trade and the services sector came together to present their products and solutions for efficient intralogistics processes. Before the event even started, exhibitors had announced they would present 122 innovations never before exhibited anywhere in the world. The event is now regarded as the world’s biggest specialist trade fair of intralogistics and as the ONLY Australian company present, we were proud to be a part of it.

The enduring popularity among industry professionals and exhibitors is what gives this type of event its value. Peter Kazander

Here are some of our key learnings from the trade show:

  • The loss and damage caused by exposed tynes can very easily be fixed with GenieGrips
  • Being able to demonstrate exactly HOW GenieGrips are assembled and maintained proved they solved problems for customers
  • People were surprised at the simplicity of GenieGrips and easy-use mechanism.

LogiMAT provides an ideal platform for mixing technology, market dynamics, and networking. If you have new ideas for products or need solutions for forklift tyne problems then get in touch with the GenieGrips team.