When transporting metal or plastic goods, a good grip is critically important; bare metal on metal tynes can be incredibly unstable with loads slipping or falling off tynes causing potential damage to product or people.

GenieGrips® are ideal for moving metal and plastic forklift loads, from IBCs to silages, to galvanized and fabricated metal parts.

The patented product offers an unbeatable grip that promotes safety and ensures damage-free goods.

Chris Dellios
Plant Manager GB Galvanising

CASE STUDY : GB Galvanising, Dandenong, VIC

GB Galvanizing is a family owned business which has grown to become an industry leader in Australia.

With the founding members originally experienced in steel fabrication, GB Galvanizing was created on the belief that a superior service and hot-dip galvanized coating finish was achievable, with an emphasis on total customer service. GB Galvanizing supplies a galvanizing service for all structural and general steelwork, ranging from the largest infrastructure and commercial projects to the smallest backyard project for the home handyman and takes pride in providing a brilliant finish, while protecting steel from corrosion.

GB Galvanizing now operates two of the most modern galvanizing facilities in Australia. With a workforce of over 200 employees, 24-hour operations and a fleet of 11 semitrailers, GB Galvanizing can service the galvanizing needs of both local and interstate customers with ease.

The Problem

Costly damage to finished products.

GB Galvanizing supplies a galvanizing service for all structural and general steelwork this results in metal, galvanized parts of all shapes and sizes being moved to various staging locations around the facilities by forklift.

Due to the different shapes and sizes, freshly galvanized parts were slipping and sliding off the forklift tynes causing the need for costly rework and the potential for injury to workers.

The Solution

GenieGrips® Mats offer superior protection.

GB Galvanizing employed GenieGrips® Mats on their forklifts. The mats’ compound rubber patterned surface provided the grip that was needed to stop the galvanized parts slipping off the forklift tynes during transport and they also protected the finish from scratches and damage from the forklift tynes.

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