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Case Study

Hans Casperzs
Health and Safety Representative – PPG Industries Clayton

We love your products and have recommended them to one of our customers as well.

The cushions we saw value just like we did in the mats, it protects our products. We handle a lot of streetlights of varying lengths and many are painted, additionally the poles themselves are tapered. This can cause shifting and sliding on bare metal forks. The combination of mats/cushions helps keep the poles in place on the forks and prevents damage to them from scraping and banging against the forks and the back carriage. The traditional fork socks we have tried, while cheaper, usually last less than a month, due to scraping on the ground (rocks, asphalt, concrete etc.) GenieGrips for the most part do not contact the ground except for the tip, which is the metal cap. The cost of a complete set of mats/cushions is less than the cost to replace one damaged 35’ painted streetlight pole. To date, we have ordered 3 complete sets of mats/cushions with one set of the mats being custom made and fit perfectly.

Jerry Curtner
Logistics Supervisor – Border States Electric (USA)

We have been using GenieGrips® for just over a year now.

We use them to prevent our CHEP PB7 bins falling off the Tynes when we move them around in the freezer. They work very well for us, and when used, result in a zero-failure rate (i.e. no bins have been dropped and we move hundreds a day).

Adam Maxwell
Logistics Manager – Botanical Food Company Pty Ltd

I wish to tell you how much I appreciate your product.

It allowed us to move away from strapping every pallet to the backrest of the forklift prior to moving.

Mark Robertson
SF Warehouse Manager – The Dow Chemical Company (USA)

2 years ago, we purchased 3 pairs.

They have been fantastic at our Precast Concrete yard, they have greatly reduced the damaged cause by the steel forklift tines chipping the outer edges of the product during handling.

Aaron Ford
Precast Manager – ASQ Precast Concrete

I just wanted to give you an update on the cold weather performance of the grips.

We have had a few mornings where the temps have dipped to around -26oC. We park our lifts inside overnight, but they remain outside all day, there is some shrinkage (as expected) but they do not get hard enough to lose the full gripping ability. The guys are still impressed on how well they work, we have seen a drop in our damage issues associated with finished goods being handled by the lifts. We are thoroughly impressed so far.

Andrew Sygulla
Sioux Steel – USA

We are really impressed with how well they grip!

Our tanks were not secured to the forklift in any way and we had the grips on the tines; no matter how much we shook and tilted the mast and tines; the tank would not come off! Exactly what we needed!

Mark Shortus
QSE Coordinator – Viscount Plastics (Australia) Pty Ltd

We received them this morning and they fit up perfectly!

Thank you very much for the prompt action and delivery, they suit our requirements and are of a very high quality.

Dean Grimsey
Maintenance Supervisor Brisbane Service Centre – Thales Australia

I received them fast thank you!

No problems with the installation and they work great! Thank you very much for the follow up. I hope to be able to send more business your way.

Kerry Acker
Safety Facilitator – Sartomer Americas (Arkema Group) – USA

Best invention since sliced bread.

I don’t know how we survived before using the GenieGrips®.

Chris Oud
Operations Supervisor – Downee – NSW Australia