We talk a lot about safety for forklift drivers but often it’s pedestrians who are at risk of being hurt by a forklift while at work.

If you frequently cross paths with trucks and forklifts at work, your senses need to be on high alert.  As a pedestrian in a warehouse for example, you need to pay attention to things like:

  • Horns – indicating that operators are coming into blind spots or intersections that are potential dangerous
  • Backup alarms – indicating when a truck or forklift is in reverse
  • Engine noise – depending on the type of forklift around you, you might be able to distinguish the sound of a forklift in motion as opposed to a forklift lifting a load
  • Flashing lights – indicating that the forklift is in use
  • Single tasking – don’t walk and read at the same time (for example)
  • Exaggerated road sense: look once then twice, and again before crossing aisles or intersections
  • Signalling the driver if you want to talk to him/her, then wait for them to indicate that they can chat
  • After a chat, move away from the driver before he/she starts moving.

Safe Work NSW have produced this excellent guide below to keep you safe when you work with or near forklifts. Remember, safety at work is everyone’s concern.

people working near forklifts

Forklift Safety Guide Promotional Banner Produced By SafeWork NSW